• What is Murder Mystery? When, and where did it start?
    Murder Mystery Hong Kong started in 2008 with an English show (“Deadly Night in 1898”) with numerous public shows in 4-5 star hotels. Hong Kong was the first city in Asia to host permanent Murder Mystery shows. Since 2008, Murder Mystery Hong Kong has been toured Macao, Bangkok and Shanghai and vowed audiences there as well.
  • What happens in Murder Mystery?
    It usually begins with a cocktail party or mingling reception. It is during this time that guests meet the characters and discover the back-story of the plot. The actors remain in character throughout the entire evening and ‘Emcee’ the night in their roles. They invite the guests to be seated for dinner, and play out an introductory scene before the first course. The night continues with the actors performing between courses, a murder or two occur before the main course arrives! Murder Mystery places great emphasis on visual excitement… Witness a murder by Murder Mystery Hong Kong, the most popular mystery dinner theatre troupe in South East Asia. You will laugh, witness a crime, and help solve the mystery... while enjoying a gourmet dinner. The fun begins the moment you arrive. You become part of the scene, as colorful characters surround your every move.
  • Why would I join a Murder Mystery?
    It's fun, challenging, exciting, memorable and clean entertainment that is suitable for all audiences. We keep the crowd in stitches, and on the edge of their seats throughout the night. Guests have an opportunity to solve the crime and win a prize. In a dramatic climax, the truth is revealed. Murder Mystery is so much more than just a dinner.
  • What does “interactive” mean?
    Attendees or guests are the biggest part of the event. Everyone attending is a suspect and a detective. Guests can interact at a level that they feel comfortable with. Some guests enjoy being ‘in the spotlight’ and can be included in reenactments of crimes, may be asked to read or describe clues to the rest of the audience, etc. Othert guests prefer not to be that involved and can simply sit back and enjoy the show. All guests have the opportunity to write out a solution for a chance to win a price at the end of the show. Guests have the opportunity to observe behavior, decipher clues, and question suspects…Logic is required, and a sense of adventure. A great sense of humor helps, too!
  • How much does it all cost, and what is included?
    Prices vary with different venues. It always includes the spectacular show, delicious dinner and welcome drink. Please visit the corresponding event site for details.
  • What kind of food is it?
    Usually a 4-course dinner, including a choice of beef/chicken/fish at the main course, a welcome drink is also included. Special dietary requests will also be accommodated.
  • How long does the Murder Mystery Dinner last?
    Usually around 3 hours. Typically, shows start at 7:30pm, with a welcome drink and some time to mingle with other guests and our fabulous actors. Our shows usually end around 10:00pm.
  • Where can I book the ticket?
    You can book the ticket through our secure online ordering system or call us at (+852) 3481 1844
  • How can I pay for the ticket?
    You can either pay by Visa/Master card online. If you pay by cheque or bank transfer, please fax or email us the bank slip to confirm your payment.
  • How far in advance I have to make a reservation?
    Our shows are selling out quickly. Try to get a ticket as soon as possibly if you see a show that happens at the perfect date for you to avoid disappointment.
  • What’s the dress code?
    There is no specific dress code however you are welcome to dress to fit the setting of the play. Arriving in costume adds to the fun!
  • Do I need to prepare anything?
    No, just bring your sense of humour, your appetite be ready to enjoy our show.
  • Are your shows appropriate for a birthday celebration?
    Yes, absolutely. Guests celebrating birthdays or anniversaries can have their special occasion included in the mystery. Be sure to mention the celebration when booking.
  • How does the seating work?
    We seat groups together at 8 to 10 person round banquet style tables. If your party is more than 10 people, we ensure that your tables are together. Small groups and couples have the opportunity of meeting new people at their tables.
  • How do I make sure that I get a good seat?
    Since there is no stage for the show, the action happens around you and your table, so everybody has a perfect seat!
  • Do I need to be involved a lot in the show?
    Not necessarily, involvement is completely voluntary. You can participate fully, even to the extend of actually playing a small role, or you can simply sit back and watch.
  • Is the show conducted in Chinese?
    No, we also offer two exciting and award winning English shows. Change the language above to see more details.
  • Can I bring my kids along?
    The shows have been written for a mature audience. Therefore we recommend your kids to be at least 14. Contact us for more details.
  • Can I book it for a private party?
    Of course!! Just contact our ticketing staff at +852 3481 1844. We promise: Your guests will love it.