Murder at the Casino Fatale

The year: 1965

The Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Venue: Casino Fatale

An evening of light-hearted fun is cut short by the sudden death of a mysterious stranger. Who is he, and how did he end up dead at a blackjack table? Who committed the murder and why? Fortunately amateur sleuth, Lady Abigail Twittington happens to be holidaying in Las Vegas, and has her detective kit with her. Can she solve this mystery? Doris Knight, the veteran waitress and her boyfriend Herman the blackjack dealer seem to be hiding something. Even Abigail’s own husband, Lord Twittington is not above suspicion. Lady Abigail will need your help to unravel this complicated whodunit... maybe you will discover clues that may implicate Lady Abigail Twittington herself! Whatever the outcome, you can bet your life you will have an evening to die for at The Casino Fatale.